Flora Chol

Writer   -   Poet   -   Activist

Flora Chol is a Melbourne based South Sudanese writer and poet. She is the published author of Tomorrows Dream, her first debut Poetic Anthology.

Flora’s writing is an unprovoked stream of literary consciousness that critically delves into complex modern day discourses.
Through an in-depth poetic lens, she explores topics of race, whiteness, gender, cultural and traditional binaries, intergenerational trauma and social as well as political issues.

Flora's poetry is about deconstructing unnatural systems and serves to place the human voice in a state of unapologetic truth & power.

The idea of tomorrow is the metaphor of endless possibilities in all of our realities. This book is an anthem of autonomy, autonomy of the self, the black-self as a vessel of revolt in a complex realm of internal and external subjugations.

The words in this book are soliloquies which critically delve into complex topics of culture, politics, race, intergenerational trauma and pain.

The creative process is an internal river waiting to burst its banks. I have written the words in this book not entirely as a quest to give voice to the voiceless, but as a beacon of light to illuminate the voices of the many that speak but remain unheard.

Above all I am privileged to walk upon this land and I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands which I write upon.

Flora is available to conduct speaking engagements, private consultations, school workshops, mentoring and other writing projects.